Sunday, May 24, 2020

100 Word Challge

One day a man was walking and he came across a lake where he found a golden blonde dog.
The man couldn't seem to find the dog's owner so he took him home. The man took the dog to the lake everyday to find his owner.
This went on for years. Until one day the man got too old to take him.
The next day the man wasn’t there so the dog took himself patiently waiting all day for someone.
On a sunny day a woman came by and took the dog home and they waited by the lake everyday.   
By Bridie


  1. Hi Bridie,
    Gosh, this is a sad story. I do like your description of the dog's colour, but I wonder if you could have found some different ideas to use instead of 'the man, the man' so often? Perhaps even just 'he' took the dog? What do you think?
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Plymouth

    1. Hi Jackie,
      i thought it would be more mysterious as 'the man'. although i did use it alot.