Monday, February 24, 2020

10 things that make me happy!!

                    10 things that make me happy 😀

  1.  FAMILY. My family makes me happy because I can always rely on them when I need and they cheer me up whenever I need them.
  2. MY PETS. Although they can be naughty at times I love them to bits I have two cats, Nellie and Gypsy. I also have a dog Jam. All my pets are rescues recently I have lost a much loved dog which we had for 14 years his name was Rufus.
  3. FRIENDS. I have many close friends who make me smile every time I see them we always joke around and have fun. My best Friend is Georgia.
  4. FOOD!!!! I love to eat until I can't eat anymore I can sit down with many bags of chips and watch a movie and cuddle up with blankets. 
  5. SLEEP! I can sleep in till at least ten to eleven on the weekends without fail and even after that I'm still tired!
  6. ANIME. I will binge watch anime for hours on end and still not be bored my favourites are My Hero Academia and Yuri On Ice. 
  7. DRAWING. I can spend a hour on a drawing and it will still look bad but it's still one of my passions.
  8. WRITING. I have wrote many stories that I am proud of and my favourite genre is fantasy. 
  9.  SUN. I like to lay out in the sun and just enjoy it
     10. BEACHES. I love to swim and boogie board at the beach on a hot day then to a dairy and get a giant ice cream to finish it off

  Bridie 😁

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  1. sorry i put the wrong comment on the wrong writing but i love how u put me in THIS one